Terracina is located halfway between Rome and Naples and is an amazing summer paradise for both Italians and foreigners. Terracina also has two sandy and beautiful beaches which were recently certified with the ‘Blue Flag’ for its water quality and environmental management criteria. 


You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas at each of the beach bars, but there are also some public beaches where you can bring your own equipment, if you prefer.

Italians normally go for a stroll, or a ‘passeggiata’, along the five km long beach promenade in the afternoon or on weekends. From the piazza in the Old town there’s only a short downhill walk to the center and to the promenade.

Terracinas downtown is quite busy, there are shops of all kinds, several cafés and some traffic. You must follow the main streets to get to either of the beaches. By the canal the fishmongers are auctioning away their daily catch in the afternoon – a fascinating experience.

At the daily market, on the other side of the bridge, you can buy vegetables, herbs and flowers as well. Terracina is famous for its gastronomy due to the large supply of locally sourced vegetables and fresh fish, and for its golden and fruity Moscato wine from the grape of the same name.

Every Thursday however there’s a weekly market at the north of town, all year round. Here you can buy shoes, clothing, curtains, kitchen ware, children’s toys, electronic equipment, local food etc. It open at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 13:00.


A few minutes walk up from the beach you’ll find the fascinating and historic part of town, ‘Centro Storico’. The Cathedral is located in the heart of the Old town, on the piazza, ‘Piazza del Municipio’. The original Roman flagstones on Via Appia are crossing right through the piazza, where we have our morning coffee with a ‘cornetto’ for breakfast, and where the baptisms, weddings and funerals are held.

A Roman theatre is being excavated and part of it is used as stage for various dance performances and concerts and shows on summer nights. The atmosphere is unique.

Despite that the Old town is rather small, there’s a variety of many quality restaurants, some small shops and majestic, historic and important remnants from the Roman era. If you plan to enjoy your evening at a restaurant you should book in advance. Summer evenings are usually very crowded.

After a long day at the beach it’s wonderful to sit on the piazza to relax, perhaps with an Aperol aperitif. It is reasonably quiet here in the morning and especially after lunch until the shops open again.