Day trips and where to go

Terracina is an excellent starting point for day trips to Rome, Naples, Pompeii or to the Ponza Islands. Several places closer to Terracina are also worth visiting. Here is a small selection:

The Pontine Islands consist of six islands. Ponza, Zannone, Gavi, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano. Ponza is the largest of the islands. The trip to Ponza takes about an hour by the fast ferry. Tickets can be bought at the docks. At Ponza you can also go on excursions by smaller boats around Ponza and Palmarola. On these trips you can enjoy breathtaking scenery and crystal clear water. The tickets may or may not include lunch, so be sure to ask before purchasing any tickets. The boats make several stops along the way where you can swim and explore several caves around the island.

In one of San Felices many caves, it was in 1939 found a skull dating from the Neanderthal era. The Old Town is really nice, with small shops and restaurants, situated on top of the mountain, high above the sea.

Here is yet another National park, with numerous plants and an abundant wildlife. The city center is not antique or as charming as Terracina and San Felice, but the beaches are extremely nice.

The Botanical Garden of Nimfa is truly beautiful and can be visited from April to October. But only on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month.

25 minutes by car northeast of Terracina, just before you arrive Priverno, there is a beautiful medieval stone church as well as a monastery. The cobbled courtyard has a small museum, a restaurant and a pleasant coffee shop. Certainly worth a visit.

Sonnino is best known for its olive oil production and its exquisite olive oil. The Old town is also very charming with lots of narrow alleys with  a spectacular view from the piazza.

It’s possible to visit the volcano, either by car or a tour bus. It’s recommended to wear sneakers or hiking shoes because of the very rocky trail from the parking lot up to the volcano crater. Bring also sunglasses, binoculars and water for the trip.

Sperlonga is situated just south of Terracina. The Old town is located on top of the mountain overlooking the sea. It’s painted all white, Greek style, while the mosaic ornaments seem Arabic. Sperlonga has very nice beaches and is great for rock climbing!

Campo Soriano is within the National park. It’s known for the numerous unusual erect large stones. The most famous monument is  ‘The Cathedral’, an approximately 15 m high rock.

Pompeii is still being excavated, the city is quite large. I advice you to read a little about the many buildings before visiting, that way you’ll not loose time reading about it while there. There is a coffee shop on site where you might have a snack, but feel free to bring a bottle of water so you can refill it by many of Pompeii streets’ fountains. Bring a hat on sunny days!