Breakfast, coffee and sweets

Breakfast in Italy does not include bread. The most common thing to have is a ‘Cornetto‘, a sweet pastry, and of course some kind of coffee. Children, but not only, often drink a ‘Cappuccino‘ or a ‘Caffe latte‘, which both are mixed with milk. After breakfast the milk is put away.

Quite often Italians enjoy an ‘Espresso‘ at the local bar. It’s a quick affair, they never sit down, but drink it ‘al volo’, flying by.

Italians are also well known for their heavenly variety of ‘Pasticcini‘, which are small dessert pastries. They come in many different colors and flavors, whether adorned with fruits, filled with creams or made out of different kinds of pastry dough. Common for them all is that they are slightly larger than a mouthful and that they are always eaten by hand.