Taxis and trains

For as long as I’ve been living in Terracina there’s always been just one local taxi. It’s a lot easier getting a taxi on any small island than in Terracina, even if the population here consists of 45.000 people. I guess the reason for this is that taxis are used mostly by tourists. You can see many of them in the streets looking around, exploring – there’s no rush – they like to get from one place to another on foot. But when arriving and departing with suitcases it becomes a rather heavy duty if there are no local taxis around. Or if it rains really hard. The Italians on the other hand drive. All the time. Except on Sundays when they park their car on the beach promenade (yes, they drive from their house to get there) and take a stroll. 

Luckily there are people making a business of driving longer distances, like to and from the airport. There are also trains.

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